lance is no longer with us.

What can I say. All he wanted was sex.. well it seems like it. No I didn’t fuck him but I could just tell… kinda sad. I actually liked him. Alot has happened. Ill just post the screenshot that says all that happened as well.. I don’t know how to say it..



So yeah


Last night… wow…

So yall…. last night was Interesting. I saw Lance last night and things did not go how I planned. Let me tell how it went. So I got there around 12am and we were in the room just hanging out. Yall, well ladies yall should have seen how sexy he looked in his glasses. I think we can all appreciate a sexy man in just sweats and glasses. Ugh next time ill get a picture. And he went to the bathroom and i was picking on him because my hands were cold from being outside. He just tells me to get in bed. When he comes back he just wants to cuddle. That’s it. He grabs me and pulls me close. I can smell his Cologne. Men who are reading this. We ladies appreciate a man who smells good. Well he doesn’t try anything. Just wants to cuddle and it seems like just fall asleep. Well we didn’t because the Tv was on and funny things would come on and we would laugh. Also we would make each other laugh by doing stupid things. Well juicy part, we started making out and of course… km not trying to have sex so after so much of him teasing me, I forced my self on top and started teasing him. So to avoid sex I gave him a blow job… yeah he cam and I swallowed,… yall I love to swallow and his cum doesn’t taste bad AT ALL.  So after all that happened we just cuddled and watched tv… well around 2:15 we started making out again.. and we had sex.. sorta. Yall he was so tired and was going so slow.. he was so tired he was falling asleep while having sex😂😂 so I told him to give up and he apologized and we cuddled and went to bed… 😑😑


So yall.. I didn’t fuck him last night!! Haha still holding out. Yes we are still texting because I’m out of town right now. But yall… I think next time we hang out and things get heated. I don’t know if i could hold out any longer. If yall see this guy yall will realize and see how attractive he is. And when he talks so dirty to me… I just cant help it. So Idk if next time I see him if we are. Besides I like to test the car before I buy it if you know what I mean. Sure he may have a big one… but come on. What if he sucks so bad in bed. Ladies yall know what I’m talking about. Or what if its just missionary the whole time, or just… what if its boring and not rough how I like it… besides I’m just horny right now. Well.. that was a lot of bullshit i didn’t need to write but oh well.

Really… fuck right now?

So me and Lance, well were texting back and forth right now… and things got heated. Not sexting really, just a little text here and there to turn each other on. However he wants to fuck right now and yall… its so hard to say no. Come on for everyone of us who have had sex, we all know how fucking AMAZING sex is. So its hard to say no this late at night and I am really horny…. so I’m blogging at 2:30 in the morning trying to keep my mind of fucking the brains out of Lance…

Sex or not to Sex

So I’m talking to this guy named lance (I know.. weird name)  and see I’m the type of girl who is okay with sex early in the relationship. But with lance… I don’t know if he is just talking to me to fuck or if he actually likes me. I know sounds so little girlish but I don’t want to risk this “relationship” by opening my legs to early and him thinking I’m easy. Yall… what the fuck do I do?

Am I Innocent?

So today I wore a pink button up dress and its very conservative. I keep getting told “oh Jobi you look so innocent” “looks like you’re heading to church” “so cute you look so pretty” but the thing is… I’m not innocent. I have sex with guys that I’m not dating or at least serious with. Don’t get me wrong I have standards and won’t fuck every guy I talk to… but does a dress really make me seem like I’m a person I’m not?

Not my kids!!!

So Incase any of y’all are wondering the kids in my little photo are not mine. They are my niece and nephew who again are NOT MINE. I get it all the time, “oh how old is your daughter/son?” Ha like at the park where a lady asked how old I was and if it was hard to be a teen mom with a 3 year old. Yeah not a teen mom but oddly enough I didn’t expect her to think anything else. Look where I live.